Parent Life Events Survey




1. Another child has been born into the family

2. The family has moved several times

3. Conflict among family members has increased

4. A child in the family has been hospitalised

5. There has been a death in the family

6. The family has faced greater than usual financial problems

7. A parent has been in an accident and hospitalised

8. Parents have separated/divorced

9. A parent has been unemployed

10. Parents have divorced

11. The family home has been broken into

12. The family has had psychological counseling

13. Other people have moved into the family home

14. A parent is away from home frequently

15. There has been less marital harmony

16. A family member has been robbed/attacked

17. A child in the family has had psychological counseling

18. Parents have changed jobs

19. The family has used social welfare resources

20. There has been a serious illness in the family

21. There have been consistent discipline problems with one or more of the children

22. Parent(s) have had a major change in responsibilities at work

23. The child has been hospitalised

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