Aspergers & Bullying DVD:

A DVD educational resource by:
Phillip T Slee
Verity Bottroff
Alison Wotherspoon
Jon Martin


An educational resource resulting from research conducted by Flinders University in partnership with Autism SA and funded in part by the Channel 7 Childrenís Research Foundation.

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Asperger's Series Trailer 26.6.2013 from Alison Wotherspoon on Vimeo.

Coping with School Bullying DVD:

A DVD educational resource by:
Phillip T Slee
Rosalind Murray-Harvey
Alison Wotherspoon


The scenarios and videos are the result of workshops conducted with year 8 and 9 students at Unley High School. Through a process of brainstorming, scripting and filming the videos reflect the way in which students see and experience bullying. Bullying is recognised worldwide as a problem for schools and the entire community. In Australia the National Safe Schools Framework requires that all schools provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all members of the school community. This DVD and itís accompanying booklet goes to the heart of bullying issues in schools. The intended audience includes educators, young people, parents, community representatives and other stakeholders concerned with addressing bullying. The DVD is designed for viewing in upper primary and secondary school classrooms, staffrooms and school communities, with the aim of prompting discussion and promoting change.

The videos deal with four types of bullying:

  • Exclusion
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Cyber

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For more information about the Coping with School Bullying DVD and how it can support your school to copy with bullying, download a the DVD booklet in PDF version (requires Acrobat Reader), or watch this 86 seconds Quicktime DVD trailer. 

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This educational resource on DVD was produced as part of a Flinders University Research Grant (FRG) involving Flinders University & Unley High School. It is part of a package of resources used in South Australia to address the issue of school bullying. Being evidence based makes it unique amongst audiovisual resource materials on antibullying interventions. Research by Professors Phillip Slee & Rosalind Murray-Harvey, from the School of Education at Flinders University, used questionnaires and focus groups to collect data from over 700 students at Unley High School over the period of a year. Interviews were also conducted with key school and health personnel. Students worked with the director, Ms Alison Wotherspoon from Screen Studies at Flinders University, to workshop, script, and perform the scenarios on the DVD.

Stressed Out & Growing Up:

A video discussion package by:
Phillip T Slee
Annette Flanagan
Benjamin Mitchell


This innovatively presented and useful resource package includes a video and 20 discussion sheets that explore issues related to child and adolescent stress.

Over 100 activities, discussion points, ideas and games are provided to stimulate discussion about children's stress; how to identify it and how to help children and adolescents deal with stress in today's world.

People and organisations who will value using Stressed Out & Growing Up

The video discussion package is based on the latest Australian and International research and has been developed in consultation with parents and teachers. Stressed Out & Growing UP is an ideal resource for kindergartens, childcare centres, community centres, schools, health centres, parent groups and university courses in education, health, social work and psychology.

What you will find in the Stressed Out & Growing Up package . . .

Invaluable resource package delightfully offered in a colourful presentation box which will easily fit on your library shelf. Inside you will find a brilliantly produced, thought-provoking video which runs for about 8.5 minutes and which will provide hours of discussion. The 20 discussion sheets are easily photocopied and present over 100 activities, discussion point and ideas for group or class discussion and activities. There is research of interest to discuss and comment upon. Further readings are provided to follow up and practical ideas are presented on how to manage stress.

Stressed Out and Coping in Families

A video resource package

Phillip T. Slee
Roz Murray-Harvey
Dianne Lawson
Benjamin Mitchell


This multi-media package is the second in the "stressed out" series and explores issues related to stress and coping.

The video and resource/activity cards are ideally used together. The package addresses the issue of stress in families.

Stressed Out and Coping in Families considers stress in relation to the types of stress facing the growing child, individual differences in responding to stress and includes ideas for coping with stress in families, activities, discussion points, and a snakes and ladders stress game.

The P.E.A.C.E. Pack

Slee, P.T. (2018) A Program for Reducing Bullying In Our Schools (4th Edition)


New Information on:


Contents of the 4th edition of the P.E.A.C.E Pack

The pack comprises a 32 page booklet and 12 worksheets

(i) The booklet contains:

(ii) The worksheets provide:

The P.E.A.C.E. Pack: A program for reducing bullying in our schools.

The P.E.A.C.E. Pack is for:

Has been evaluated in Australian and overseas schools and shown to be effective in significantly:

P.reparation and consideration of the nature of the bullying

E.ducation and understanding of the issues

A.ction taken and strategies developed to reduce bullying

C.oping strategies for staff, students and parents

E.valuation, review and celebration of the program.

Reducing Bullying: Evidence Based Strategies for Schools

Cox, G., Owens, L., Shute, R., Slee, P.T., Wright, S. and Wotherspoon, A. (2006). Bullying: Evidence-based Strategies for Schools. [DVD and Booklet], Flinders University: Adelaide.


Reducing Bullying: Evidence Based Strategies for Schools features seven short videos, capturing the voices of students, teachers, parents, experts and health professionals and providing anti-bullying information and strategies. Academics used questionnaires and focus groups to collect data from more than 1,400 secondary school students at five schools over a year and guide the contents of the DVD. It will complement a number of other State Government initiatives to tackle bullying in schools Australia-wide.

Read about the Ministerial launch of this important resource.


Very Mixed Emotions: A Discussion Starter on Bullying in Childhood

Wotherspoon, A., Shute, R. and Slee, P.T. (2006). Bullying: "Very mixed emotions". A video discussion about bullying young children. Commonwealth Attorney General's Department: Canberra.


Bullying in schools continues to be an area of considerable concern to the community, as it impacts on the physical and psychological health, educational attainment and social development of students. This video complements a series of publications commissioned by National Community Crime Prevention, written by Ken Rigby.





Problem Based Learning in Teacher Education

Murray-Harvey, R. and Slee, P.T. (2000). Problem Based Learning in Teacher Education. Flinders University: Adelaide.