A Review of Current School Practice Regarding Bullying

The following flow chart provides some indication of the questions that can
be asked of current school practice regarding the issue of bullying. The
chart has been taken from the PEACE Pack (Slee, 2001).


Figure 1. A flow chart of current school practice

In helping to address the issue of bullying at your school you might consider your answers to the various questions posed in Fig. 1. Having answered these questions you might like to consider the following figure taken again from the PEACE Pack (Slee, 2001).

The PEACE Program outlined in Fig. 2 provides a frame-work for addressing the issue of bullying in your school. The program has been developed and evaluated in a number of Australian schools and found to be effective in reducing the amount of bullying.

In the PEACE program illustrated in Fig. 2 various steps are described for implementing a school based intervention programme to reduce bullying. You might like to consider where your school is in relation to the steps in Fig. 2

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