Stressed Out and Coping in Families

A video resource package

Phillip T. Slee
Roz Murray-Harvey
Dianne Lawson
Benjamin Mitchell


This multi-media package is the second in the "stressed out" series and explores issues related to stress and coping.

The video and resource/activity cards are ideally used together. The package addresses the issue of stress in families.

Stressed Out and Coping in Families considers stress in relation to the types of stress facing the growing child, individual differences in responding to stress and includes ideas for coping with stress in families, activities, discussion points, and a snakes and ladders stress game.

Some suggestions for using the Resource Package

A family might:

A facilitator might:

The resource/activity cards

Card 1 What is a family? - a genogram or tree
Card 2 The family life cycle & stress - the rhythm of life
Card 3 The family life cycle (part 1)
Card 4 The family life cycle (part 2)
Card 5 Marriage (Part 1)
Card 6 Marriage (Part 2)
Card 7 Birth of the first child
Card 8 Expansion of the family
Card 9 Separation and divorce in the family
Card 10 Step families
Card 11 Single parent families
Card 12 Families and work
Card 13 Primary school years
Card 14 The adolescent years
Card 15 Family conflict - 'the no good, very bad, horrible fight'
Card 16 Family conflict - 'healing the hurt'
Card 17 Stress in families
Card 18 Types of families - 'my family is unique'
Card 19 Building resilient families - coping with stress
Card 20 Snakes & Ladders; a family stress game

The video

The video runs for approximately 9 minutes and covers the contribution that individuals, families and communities can make to building resilience in the face of stress.

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What educators and students are saying about the first video in this series Stressed out & Growing Up ...

"A great video!"
Year 9 students

"The video scenes are quite real"
Year 8 student

"The worksheets are very useful and can be adapted to the needs of the lesson"
Year 9 teacher

"An invaluable resource in parent education."
A parent educator

"The video provides lots of opportunity for discussion; a great lesson starter."
Primary school teacher

"A terrific lecture and tutorial resource for my students."
University lecturer in Education.